Property Management

Property Management Services

Tired of tenant issues? Our property management services increase the value of your property assets while simultaneously reducing the risk associated with your liabilities.

Are you ready to choose a professional property management service? Our clients are property owners who have researched their options and come to the informed conclusion that hiring us would be in their best interest.

Here are a few services you can expect from us:

  1. Collecting Rent
  2. Maintenance and Repairs
  3. Inspections
  4. Marketing and Retention
  5. Tennant Screening
  6. Staff Background checks & Qualifications,
  7. Customer Service
  8. Prepare and Serve Notices
  9. Improvement Suggestions
  10. Vendor Coordination

Property Management Benefits

A successful property manager adds value to your property investment.

  1. Higher Quality Tenants with Pre-Screening
  2. Reduced costs and legal problems
  3. Shorter vacancy
  4. Longer occupancy
  5. Improved tenant retention
  6. Tighter rent collection process
  7. Assistance with taxes
  8. Lower maintenance and repair costs
  9. Increase the value of the investment
  10. Ease of Operations for owners

Bottom Line is, less stress and more freedom to enjoy your life by eliminating middle of the night emergencies, chasing down late rent, evicting people, destructive tenants who damage property, scams, incompetent vendors, and hours of tedious of paperwork.

You will experience increased freedom to invest in properties wherever you want. Travel without having to be available in the event that a tenant has a need you have to address. It doesn’t matter if you live in the same city, state or country when you can simply collect your check every month without needing to see the property to know that it is being managed by professionals.

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